Today there is an increasing awareness of the relevance of the place that SMEs occupy in the overall business landscape and according to their importance not only for regional economies, but to national economies as well.

SMEs more often are becoming the focus of academic research and are generally viewed as one of the cornerstones of entrepreneurial development and job creation. Managing SMEs International Business Strategies wants to aid SMEs in their efforts going across borders. Providing theoretical management expertise and practical insights - from experiences made in East Tennessee - may help SMEs to understand some of the opportunities and obstacles that those willing to enter the global market place will face.

Managing SMES International Business Strategies - The Case of East Tennessee

Herausgeber: Reinhold Roth with contribution by Jon L. Smith, Viktor Kimmel, Alain Bridwell, Audrey Depelteau, Andrew J. Czuchry, David Roach, Emily van Dop, Michael Lehrfeld

Ausgabe 06/2017
195 Seiten, 20,8 cm x 14,9 cm
ISBN: 978-3-95651-143-1
16,90 EUR

Kellner Verlag
St.-Pauli-Deich 3
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